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 Sergey Zayika

Originally from Ukraine, Sergey Zayika began riding at the age of 12. In 1998, Zayika moved to Canada where he began teaching and riding for a local riding school in Montreal. 

Shortly thereafter, Zayika enrolled in an intensive two-and-a-half-year equine science program in Quebec, furthering his expertise and education in training, riding, veterinary study, farriery, and more. After finishing his studies, Zayika went to work at W Charlot Farm, a large, highly successful breeding facility near Toronto and the 2015 Equine Canada Breeder of the Year.

In 2004, Zayika moved to Calgary, AB, to begin working at Spruce Meadows, and it was there that he started his professional show jumping career under the training of Albert Kley. Zayika spent 12 years working for Spruce Meadows, training horses of all ages and levels, as well as managing the breeding program, stallions, and the overall horse program.

Zayika also spent time working with Canadian Olympian Lisa Carlsen before joining the Zeidler Farm team in 2018.



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